Don Sebastiani & Sons

Category: Wine
Region: California
Description:  To Don Sebastiani and Sons, family is clearly an important aspect of winemaking. While Don Sebastiani and Sons wasn’t founded until 2001, Samuele Sebastiani created a winery in 1904, and started growing the company, as well as the town of Sonoma. Over the years, the winery changed hands many times, but it always stayed within the family. By 2000, the winery was producing eight million cases of wine a year. However, at that time, Don Sebastiani sold many of the assets and kept only the family brand and the Sonoma winery and vineyards. Though he stepped down as CEO and Chairman in 2000, that wasn’t the end for him. In 2001, he and his sons, Donny and August, founded Don Sebastiani and Sons, eventually growing production back up to two million cases annually.